A toy Star Wars robot controlled by 'The Force'

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, toy company Sphero unveiled a wearable device that gives users the ability to control a miniature version of the latest lovable robot from the Star Wars Universe with Jedi powers.

"It's a gesture-based wearable," said Sphero's Clair Tindall. "So you control BB-8 with authentic Jedi-like movements like force pull and push."

The device is called a force band and it is packed with sensors that measure the orientation of a user's hand. That data is then transmitted to the robot, which manoeuvres accordingly.

But becoming a Jedi is still a few months off.

Ms Tindall said: "We are still in the prototype phase now. So we are iterating on the technology and building more features into the band. So I look forward to see what the full version will become this fall."

Given the record-breaking success of the latest movie in the Star Wars franchise, it is a good bet that the force will be very strong with this tech toy.