Valentine's Day gifts for him or her

Valentine's Day gifts for him or her

Still not sure what to get for the love of your life? Digital Life comes to the rescue.

MiPow Playbulb Candle

Give scented candles a miss - consider the MiPow PlayBulb Candle instead.

It is a novel way to add some pizzazz to your Valentine's Day dinner date.

It can be controlled with a smart device via the PlayBulb X app, which lets you select from a variety of lighting colours.

You can do trigger pulsing, flashing and fading effects with the light - perfect for setting the mood.

And, if that does not sound fancy enough, the device features a scent diffuser, which is capable of releasing a soothing lavender fragrance.

There are no cables and nothing to recharge. It just takes a trio of AA batteries.

If you insist on using a real candle, just flip the PlayBulb Candle upside down and it doubles as a proper candle holder.


Asus ROG Swift PG278Q

If your Valentine is a fussy gamer geek who takes every effort to create the best video-gaming experience, this is one monitor that will surely earn his respect.

You are paying twice as much as what a regular 27-inch would cost, but for good reason. Expect vibrant colours with its 2,560 x 1,440 resolution and its ability to swivel, pivot and tilt.

A fast 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms pixel-response rate ensure smooth gameplay. The monitor boasts a feature called G-Sync and has an extra computer chip built in so it displays the images in sync with what is rendered by the graphics card.

Beats Mixr

Sharing music is wonderful.

Sharing one set of earbuds or headphones is not.

For one thing, it means that you each hear just one side of a stereophonic recording.

But with Beats Mixr headphones and their daisy-chain functionality, you can plug in a second pair of earphones or headphones, so that both of you can really share the music together in full stereo.

As a bonus, these headphones are built from premium materials and look incredibly stylish, so they are also a fashion statement.

Eubiq E-Track

The danger of tripping over wires seems to be commonplace in many households.

The problem is multiplied now by the proliferation of devices, from gaming consoles to chargers for portable gadgets, littering the family home.

The answer could be Eubiq's E-Track power outlet system. Easy to install and use, it does not require you to rewire your electrical system.

The adaptors (power sockets) are plugged in via a simple twist-to-lock mechanism and automatically pop out when they are wrongly inserted.

This essentially makes the device idiot-proof. Another perk would be the E-Track's ability to add up to eight adaptors, many more than your usual power extension.

Anova Precision Cooker
US$298.99 (S$402) with shipping included, from

Nothing expresses love like a homecooked meal. If you cannot cook, you can ease the toil for your significant other by giving him or her a sous-vide cooker.

The sous-vide method is often used by professional chefs. The food is cooked in sealed plastic bags immersed in water. This ensures that the food stays juicy and tender, and will not get overcooked.

The Anova Precision Cooker has a heating element that cooks the food, and a timer to control cooking times. The website also sells a 220V version for local use.

Unlike restaurant-grade models, Anova's sous-vide immersion circulators are designed for home chefs. They are easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

An upcoming companion iPhone app (via Bluetooth) lets you select the type of food, such as chicken breast, then loads the recommended cooking time and temperature settings automatically.

This gift may not arrive in time for your Valentine's Day meal, but it may come in handy for future birthday celebrations and other special occasions.


This article was first published on Feb 11, 2015.
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