This voice-controlled game has everyone howling with laughter

Youtube/GEM HK Fans Club

Could this be the next gaming trend in Singapore?

A 2D action computer game named YASUHATI (Don't stop, eighth note) has taken Asian countries by storm.

Released by a Japanese game developer for free on Feb 1, many people are tickled by how fun it is to play the game.

Photo: Youtube/Kouki

Reminiscent of the widely popular game Super Mario, YASUHATI players control their character - a chubby musical note - using their microphone instead of the traditional keyboard or mouse.

The character will walk and jump over obstacles depending on the volume or the pitch of the player's voice.


While simply talking into the microphone will get the players through the levels, some players sing, yell, and shriek when they get excited trying to leap across gaps or dodge enemies.


A player has even used Otamatone, an electronic musical instrument synthesizer, to match the design of the YASUHATI game character.


Many others have also taken to sharing webcasts of their entertaining gameplay on Youtube, and the most famous player to date might be Hong Kong singer G.E.M.


Try not to play this game late at night, you might just wake up the entire family with your laughter.