WhatsApp to block auto-adds into chat groups

PHOTO: Reuters

WhatsApp will be introducing an option for users to block people from dragging them into groups without their consent.

WhatsApp BetaInfo says the feature works by changing a user's group privacy settings to one of the three levels, which will block some group admins from adding them to a group.

To do so, go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups.

If set to Everyone, anyone can invite the user into a group. If set to My Contacts, only those in the user's contact list can add them. If set to Nobody, no one can automatically add the user.

In the event an admin is not allowed to add a user to the group automatically, an invite will be sent to the user instead.

This appears in the form of a new chat, where the user has 72 hours to accept or decline the invitation.

After 72 hours, the invitation expires and the user cannot join the group without receiving a new invitation or using a group invite link.

Users also cannot receive two invitations from the same group, at the same time.

This feature will be made available to iPhone users first, and will be enabled in the next series of beta updates.

WhatsApp BetaInfo says the feature was originally meant for for enterprise users, in response to how random users were adding them into groups without their permission.