Will blue ticks spell the end of relationships everywhere?

SINGAPORE - Popular messaging app WhatsApp was updated yesterday with a new "feature" that may soon cause plenty of anguish, arguments, heartaches, and even manic depression in some.

Users will be familiar with how the app used to indicate that a message had been sent with one grey tick. Two grey ticks indicate that the message had been received by the other party.

However, the two grey ticks only indicated that the message was delivered to the other party's device, they did not indicate if the receipient actually read the message.

Now, with the new "feature", when a message has been read, the two grey ticks will turn blue.

So, yes, senders will know when the message was actually read.

You can imagine how some obsessive-compulsive stalkers are now rubbing their hands in glee.

No longer can you tell your friends "oh, I just saw the message", when you actually read it 3 hours ago. Because - THEY KNOW.

The Internet has erupted in panic - as Buzzfeed reported - and memes, with people on Twitter predicting the demise of relationships everywhere.

Maybe more people will start to use alternative apps like Telegram or Line now?

Is the next feature on everyone's want list for Whatsapp right now an option to turn off the notification?