Woman discovers colleague can unlock her iPhone X with Face ID

Woman discovers colleague can unlock her iPhone X with Face ID

First, identical twins were able to unlock their sibling's iPhone X with their faces. Now, it appears that two women who are unrelated are also able to pull off the same trick.

Madam Yan from Nanjing, China, recently purchased Apple's swanky flagship phone.

But she was appalled to discover that her colleague Madam Wan could unlock her new mobile phone using Face ID.

Despite reconfiguring the facial recognition settings multiple times, Madam Wan was still able to unlock the iPhone X, the duo told Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation.

When Madam Yan first called Apple's hotline to report the issue, the staff told her it was "impossible". So, the women rushed to the nearest store on the same night to demonstrate the bug to employees.

There, they found that the women were able to unlock the iPhone X no matter whose face was set as the owner.

According to South China Morning Post, the store said that the camera was faulty and gave Madam Yan a refund.

However, she encountered the same problem with her second iPhone X. It is unknown if she purchased a third phone.

This incident raises concern about data security, as the new authentication feature can also be used to authorise purchases on the device.

But judging from the video clip, we must say the ladies do look like long-lost sisters.



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