Is your MacBook's Retina screen staining? This is #Staingate


According to MacRumors, Apple has issued an internal notice for a Quality Program for anti-reflective coating issues on MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks with Retina displays.

It seems that the anti-reflective coating on some owners' Retina MacBooks and MacBook Pros have been wearing off, causing stains to appear on areas of the screen (some users have screens where the coating appears to have worn off across almost the entire display).

MacRumors first reported on this problem in March, and it looks like a wide range of MacBook and MacBook Pros from mid-2012 to mid-2014 have been affected. An unofficial website called 'Staingate' has even been set up, with a gallery documenting various MacBook and MacBook Pros with the stained screens.

Owners report that Apple has dealt with the matter in mixed manner, with some owners getting their screens repaired under warranty for no charge, while others have had to pay for their repairs. With this new Quality Program however, Apple will replace affected Retina displays for free within three years from the date of purchase, or one year from October 16, 2015, whichever is longer.

Customers who have already paid for the repair may be eligible for a refund.

MacRumors reports that Apple is not currently planning on announcing this Quality Program on its website, so if you're one of those affected, check with the local Apple Authorized Service Providers to see if you're eligible for the programme.

Source: MacRumors.

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