You’ll need a good squad to survive a zombie apocalypse in Zedtown Asia: Battle for Singapore

PHOTO: AsiaOne / Ilyas Sholihyn

Have you ever watched zombie flicks and wished you’re actually in one to smash in on the fun?

You don't have to wait much longer — Australia's tech-enabled, live-action role-playing event, Zedtown, will be crashing onto our shores come Oct 26.

Ahead of Z-day, AsiaOne had been invited to a media preview, where we took part in a trial game of Zedtown Asia: Battle for Singapore at the National Stadium. 

PHOTO: AsiaOne / Ilyas Sholihyn

For the uninitiated, you start off as a survivor in a faction and fight your way to survival while completing missions. Along the way, if you aren't careful and happened to be tagged by a zombie, you'll turn into one. What is dead may never die, so zombie players have infinite lives, simply needing to make their way back to their hub to respawn.

No FOMO: Find out if can survive a zombie apocalypse in Zedtown Singapore

Have you ever watched zombie flicks and wished you’re actually in one to smash in on the fun? Test your survival skills at the National Stadium when Zedtown Asia: Battle for Singapore arrives on Oct 26. #zedtownsg #zedtownasia #battleforsingapore

Posted by AsiaOne on Tuesday, 8 October 2019

The only form of protection you have would be your trusty Nerf gun — or Nerf guns if you can afford to lug them all around. That is, unless you're confident enough to take on the challenge of being a sock ninja and fight with only rolled-up socks. Yes, it's a legitimate way to play.

PHOTO: AsiaOne / Ilyas Sholihyn

Before I could wrap my head around a perfect zombie apocalypse strategy, we were all swept right into a game amidst the introductory briefing.

PHOTO: AsiaOne / Ilyas Sholihyn

Rushing over to the safe base of my faction, I found myself swiftly guided to a sign with a QR code — my very first mission.

Confused and a little scared of the unknown, I began to make my way out of the safe base in hopes to recover a box of crucial items that meant the survival of the safe base. Little did I know, my team had just been a tad bit slow and the other faction had already begun moving it back to their base.

PHOTO: AsiaOne / Ilyas Sholihyn
PHOTO: AsiaOne / Ilyas Sholihyn

Following the team leader's instructions, I dashed forward to intercept the enemy, grabbing and yanking the box back in our direction. Despite my best efforts, they have still managed to make good ground with it. It was only then I realised that I've been abandoned by my entire team.


PHOTO: AsiaOne / Ilyas Sholihyn

Outnumbered five to one, I tried to stun members of the other faction. Shooting other human players would leave them unarmed until they can run back to their base. 

By right, they should have been stunned. By left, they ignored my foam darts anyway. 

PHOTO: AsiaOne / Ilyas Sholihyn

In a battlefield involving people playing tug-o-war with a box, I should have long realised that it'd be losing battle going at it alone. 

Since my team had failed to retrieve the payload, our safe base began to deteriorate, forcing all of us out into the zombie-ridden wildlands (in actuality, just a concourse corridor at National Stadium). 

Desperate to prolong our survival, my faction finally, finally, came to their senses and got up to make our way towards the safe base of the other faction. 

PHOTO: AsiaOne / Ilyas Sholihyn

I really should have picked better teammates — if I had been able to in the first place. Can't complain though, considering that choice will be a luxury in a real apocalypse. 

One by one, my team were tagged by zombies. We were rushed to the make-up station and got our face dirtied up to look the part. 

PHOTO: AsiaOne / Ilyas Sholihyn

After half an hour of playing, the event concluded with six survivors from the opposing team. 

Bungling teamwork aside, I did enjoy myself immensely throughout the event as it offered bursts of heart-thumping and exhilarating moments — just like how I imagine it would be when the actual Z-day arrives. Pro-tip: you'll need to don your best athleisure outfits because as it turns out, Zedtown sessions are quite a extensive workout. 

PHOTO: AsiaOne / Ilyas Sholihyn

Speaking from experience, be sure to grab hold of the best persons (and the best gun) for your team to last till the end.

Tickets are on sale at the moment — get your tickets on the Sports Hub website. Key in the promotional code “ZTSGNERF” and you’ll get a free Nerf Jolt with every ticket (while stocks last). 

PHOTO: Zedtown Asia