Diners share memories of soon-to-be-closed McDonald's at KAP

SINGAPORE - Late-night suppers, chatting with friends over a meal, and the friendly staff at McDonald's - these are some of the things that patrons will miss when King Albert Park's iconic McDonald's serves its last burgers on March 16.

In 2012, King Albert Park (KAP) was sold to Oxley Holdings for $150 million.

Open since 1991, KAP - which is home to McDonald's corporate headquarters, one of the largest McDonald's outlets in Singapore, Cold Storage, among other smaller cafes - will be torn down and re-developed for both residential and commercial purposes.

A patron who frequents the iconic McDonald's at KAP lamented its closure, as she regularly meets her friends there for a chat.

One patron said that he felt "sad" that the McDonald's was closing as he wanted to keep returning to the restaurant for meals.

Several patrons also recalled fond memories of McDonald's friendly and helpful staff.

One patron thought that it is "pretty special" how its staff would recognise his voice when he orders at McDonald's drive through.

He said: "I think it's knowing a lot of the people who work here on a first-name basis. So when you go to the drive-through and they see you coming or when you go to the drive through you put in your order and they recognise your voice, I think that's pretty special."

Another patron recalled an occasion when the McDonald's staff helped her when she had tripped and dropped her tray of food.

"They came to my assistance, and helped me to clean up the mess. They even prepared another order exactly the same, so I didn't even have to repeat my order. And they refused to take my money," she said.


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