Dining in the sky for $2,000

Good news for audacious gourmets in Kunming, Southwest China's Yunnan province: you can test your courage by dining at a "restaurant in the sky", which is elevated 30 meters high off ground, qq.com reported Thursday.

The open air restaurant in the air, the first in the province, made a scene when it made its debut in the provincial capital Wednesday, attracting many epicures who wanted to try it out for 8,888 yuan (S$1,963) per customer.

Seeing the "restaurant" hoisted by crane wowed onlookers, who took photos. "They are dining at the possible costs of lives," some claimed. "It's not having dinner! It's taking risks!" commented another.

The dining area has 10 fixed seats equipped with safety belts. It can accommodate eight customers at a time, along with a chef and a waitress to serve them. The dinner lasts for 1.5-2 hours.

All 32 seats have been booked for the four days between Thursday and Sunday.

"It is so exciting! The wind is howling up there!" said a male customer who only gave his surname, Huang, after enjoying his dinner in the air. "It's cool and I can have a bird's eye view of Dianchi Lake!"