Doctor saves child whose hand got stuck in KL airport escalator

PETALING JAYA: Dr Dalvinder Singh, 29, had just arrived in Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) from Kuching on Friday when he saw a father holding his two-year-old child at the bottom of an escalator.

"My first thought was that the child fell when I noticed that the boy had his hand stuck in the escalator up to his forearm," he said.

"The child was crying and I did not see anyone trying to help," he said, adding that he was shocked to hear that the father had been waiting for help for 15 minutes.

"People were watching with their phones out and taking videos but no one was assisting."

After checking on the child, whose arm had gone slightly blue, he sprung into action and helped two airport maintenance staff who were trying to pry open the escalator.

The boy's arm was finally released after a few minutes, bleeding and cut with tendons exposed.

He quickly administered first aid and after a hasty thank-you, the boy was immediately taken to a nearby clinic for further treatment.

While the doctor, who is from the Sarawak State Health Department, was glad to be able to help the child, the incident has left a bitter taste in his mouth.

"What is the point of posting photos of the incident and captioning 'oh so sad'? Why not help out?" he asked. "No one can help everyone but everyone can help somebody."

A Fire and Rescue Department spokesman confirmed that an emergency call was placed at 8.48 pm and the operation was concluded by 9.40pm.

He said that the victim sustained minor injuries and was taken to Menara Medical Clinic in KLIA.