Dogs save security guard from tiger in Kuantan

Two dogs saved a security guard from being mauled by a tiger when he answered nature's call near an abandoned mine in Gebeng, Kuantan, reported Kosmo!.

The incident occurred at 4pm on Monday.

The guard, Fridio Gelija, was clawed on his arms and legs, and would have died if not for the two dogs who came to his rescue.

Fridio, 28, said the dogs accompanied him on his rounds in the area when he suddenly decided to stop at the bush after a stomach ache.

"Suddenly, I heard the dogs barking, and my legs were clawed and bitten.

"I hit the tiger with my left hand, but it bit me. I then tried to hit it with my right hand and I was bitten again," he said.

While fighting off the tiger, he said the dogs joined in and attacked it.

The tiger later fled, he added.

Fridio sought help from nearby villagers and was taken to the Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital where he was admitted.