Don't let 'retirement' stunt episode stifle creativity, risk-taking

Don't let 'retirement' stunt episode stifle creativity, risk-taking

While we are encouraging Singaporeans to take risks to face failure squarely and to think out of the box, we are making so much noise over NTUC Income's publicity gimmick to encourage retirement planning ("Actress draws flak for 'retirement' stunt"; Sunday, "Insurer expresses regret over 'retirement' stunt"; Tuesday, and "Proper recovery crucial when PR stunts backfire" by Dr Sunny Goh; yesterday).

The gimmick is harmless and creative.

Ms Rebecca Lim is only an actress, known only to those who follow television dramas. She is not someone holding a senior post in the Government whose retirement would affect all Singaporeans in one way or another.

The gimmick involved retirement, a personal decision, and would not have posed a public risk or involved the police, if it had been taken for real.

The reaction to the whole episode will only discourage our young from taking risks, as they will fear having to face the consequences should the plan fail to meet public expectations.

Future leaders will also not dare venture too far with their creative ideas in competing with the rest of the world.

Do we want to remain a nation always taking the well-trodden path to avoid the danger of attracting public criticism?

Yeo Boon Eng (Ms)

This article was first published on Feb 19, 2016.
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