Don't make these mistakes at a buffet

Going for a buffet is far more complicated than it seems.

There are rules to abide by, and strategies to help you get more bang for your buck.

How many times have you looked forward to devouring everything in the restaurant, only to feel full after completing just one section? That's what a lack of planning does to buffet-goers.

Culinary site The Daily Meal has listed some methods to help you achieve the goal of a buffet: to try as many different foods as possible.

Many tend to get carried away at the beginning and pick up everything they see without assessing the situation. That's a recipe for disaster, The Daily Meal says. It recommends that you first make a mental note of the must-haves, the maybes, and the definitely-nots after a reconnaissance of the whole place.

After all, the food isn't going anywhere, and rushing through your meal only brings more harm than good.

View the gallery below for more of The Daily Meal's tips on how to walk out of a buffet feeling satisfied.