Dreamy patterns create fresh, fun look for family's 4-room Novena condo

Who: A couple from the UK and their two young children
Home: Four-room condominium apartment
Size: 1,300sqf

This apartment in Novena is a picture of personalised charm - wake-me-up colours combined with a refreshing touch of crisp classicism.

Designer Elizabeth Acland from E&A Interiors was tasked by the homeowners to create a vibrant yet harmonious home, so "I used a lot of wallpaper, selected from our large exclusive range of European and American suppliers, to provide colour and personality," she says. Each room thus sports its own character, yet the home still comes across as a seamless, design-cohesive whole.

To open up the kitchen space, an existing glass partition wall was removed and a spacious kitchen island and breakfast bar was installed in its place.

The unit's sleek white and ash tones are framed against the eye-catching mustard, grey and white patterns on the wall, lending the space a punchy but practical feel.

In the living space, the snappy colours are underfoot as well, courtesy of the large patterned rug.

The master bedroom takes the tone down a notch, conveying a decidedly stronger sense of luxe. The moodier tones are combined with lush furnishings, such as the mauve velvet bedhead, which is backed by a custom-coloured wall finish of metallic plaster. Above, a glittering crystal ceiling lamp sourced from the UK makes a simple but effective statement. Likewise, in the guest bedroom, an exotic, geometric-shaped light from Vaughan dresses up the compact space.

"Lighting is important in finishing a room," Elizabeth remarks, "and is an extremely important feature, especially in a small bedroom."

The couple's young girls have the benefit of having the cutest room in the home, which comes complete with tree-house bunkbeds, forest-inspired wallpaper and a mesh ceiling light with "birds". "The room is a real haven for the little ones!" says Elizabeth.

One of the original bedrooms was converted into a generous, two-person study. Custom-built cabinets in Acrylux, accompanied by solid surface desktops, bring a hint of gloss into an otherwise everyday space, which is given a further visual lift with the linenupholstered pin-up board accessorised with chrome nailing. It's a great incentive to go to "work"!

Where to go: E&A Interiors Tel: 6346-7555

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