Drone clerk at your service

"Get me a pair of red shoes."

As such requests are made by customers, a multicopter - a small electric unmanned copter - retrieves the shoes from a high rack.

This scenario can be seen in a verification experiment that has almost reached its final stage at a warehouse in Chiba Prefecture.

The drone's body is about 70 centimeters square, and about 50 centimeters in height. The rack storing shoes is set at a height of three meters to five meters.

The types of the shoes are all the same, and flying routes of the multicopter are set depending on the shoes' colour. When an operator chooses a colour with a handy terminal, the drone will automatically take off, pick out the ordered shoes and drop them on a net.

The Japanese unit of US footwear maker Crocs, Inc. is planning to open a special store in the event space of a commercial facility in Minato Ward, Tokyo, on March 5 to 8, and hold a demonstration.