Duo on day-tour beaten up for not shopping

CHINA - Two Chinese tourists who joined a one-day tour in Kunming, Yunnan province, China, were beaten and robbed up by a group of men after they refused to make purchases at shops, Sin Chew Daily reported.

One of the victims, Meng Xiang Xue, blogged that he and his friend, known as Zhao, were on the tour which cost RMB280 (S$56.70) on March 23.

He added it was stated in the tour specification that tourists would not be forced to buy anything at the shops introduced by the tour guide.

It was reported that when the two did not want to shop, the woman tour guide known only as Dong started to criticise them.

The two tried to leave the tour group but the tour guide held on to their luggage and called on eight men to beat them up.

Meng said they suffered injuries to their faces, chests, heads and arms and further claimed the men also took away valuables like necklaces and jade pieces worth RMB70,000 from them.