Easy access to power mains a security risk

One of the tactics used by some debt collectors is to turn off the electricity supply of the home in an attempt to flush out the occupants ("Case calls for laws to govern debt collection"; Sunday).

This has been a concern for me for some time.

Why does the Housing Board (HDB) locate a flat's main circuit breaker outside the unit, making it easily accessible by anyone?

This is a potential security flaw, as someone with criminal intent could easily turn off the electricity supply of their intended victims.

If this is done in the middle of the night, what will happen is that the air-conditioning will suddenly be turned off.

Thinking it is just a power trip, the occupants may exit the safety of their homes unsuspectingly and could become vulnerable targets of the perpetrators.

I hope HDB will put in place some security measures to limit access to the electricity and water supply of a home, in order to prevent a scenario like the one described above from ever occurring.

Ng Kei Yong

This article was first published on November 12, 2015.
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