Eleven dead in Rio Olympics construction over three years: official

RIO DE JANEIRO - A total of 11 people have been killed over the last three years on construction projects for the Rio Olympics, an official told AFP on Monday (April 25).

"It's a frightening number," said Robson Leite, inspector for the labor office in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

He compared the toll in a single city to the eight killed during construction of sites for the football World Cup hosted around Brazil in 2014.

The fatalities, detailed in a report by the labor office, occurred during construction between 2013 and 2016.

According to the official, the most deadly project has been the extension of the metro system, with three people dying on the new line 4. Two workers died at the Olympic Park, where most of the competitions will take place.

There were also deaths at two museums built as part of the Olympic legacy projects and in roadwork.

An auditor from Leite's office told the G1 news site that the 11 deaths were "undoubtedly caused by lack of planning." "This amounts to a football team of the dead," she said.

The Olympics kick off on August 5 and will be the first held in South America.