Endless food options near the London Bridge

Every major city in the world offers tourists something they will find hard to resist: good-quality food.

Through the years, Borough Market, which boasts not only British but also international cuisine, has become London's most renowned food destination for locals and tourists.

Foodies and ordinary folk go there to buy anything, from fresh seafood and meat to authentic truffle oil, cheese, pastries and more.

People are encouraged to sample a plate of authentic paella, a raclette sandwich, or freshly cooked oysters with a glass of wine or beer.

The gustatory options at Borough Market are endless. Professional chefs or home cooks can find reasonably priced ingredients to spice up their dishes.

Locals enjoy lunch in both favoured and new stalls. Tourists explore and discover different flavors all over the market as they walk through the variety of 70 unique stands, until they come back to the ones that catch their fancy.

Apart from enjoying an interactive exchange of tastes and flavors from a diverse group of people, one can also go to The Shard, a 95-story skyscraper in Southwark that forms part of the London Bridge Quarter development; a walk along the River Thames and the boutiques of Bermondsey Street, as well as Tate Modern art gallery and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

Or take a stroll on the famous London Bridge to burn those calories.

The Borough Market is open 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Wednesday-Saturday.

To keep track of new traders joining, or coming events, follow on Twitter and Instagram @boroughmarket or facebook.com/BoroughMarket.