Enjoy autumn at Mount Seoraksan

PHOTO: Korea Herald/ANN

Autumn is here, which means visitors will get a chance firsthand to see colors of forest leaves change at Mount Seoraksan spreading across over four cities and counties of Sokcho, Inje, Goseong and Yangyang in Gwangwon Province.

Seoraksan National Park is known to turn "red" at this time of the year, where tourists can also enjoy the grand landscape view of the region from its highest peak called Daecheongbong at over 1,700 meters high.

People can follow the mountain streams, and come across Osaek natural spring water resort where they can rest and drink its fresh water during trekking.

Also, the Korea Tourism Organisation recommends tourists to visit Hajodae Beach nearby, 13 kilometers south of Yangyang. There is a pine forest behind the beach.