Ensuring maids' well-being benefits all

SINGAORE - Foreign domestic workers have increasingly become a necessity rather than a luxury for many Singapore dual-income households ("Why resist a day off for maids?"; last Sunday).

However, the perception that the work done is of low status has relegated a domestic helper to being an outsider living under the same roof.

The domestic worker's situation is unique in that the work environment is the home environment.

This has raised resistance in granting a weekly day off for them.

However we ought to recognise that they are also employees in Singapore whose work should be accorded the same worth as other jobs.

Cases of domestic workers getting pregnant or absconding are in the minority and should not warp our attitude towards them as a whole.

Domestic workers have social needs too.

Giving them a weekly day off to socialise helps them to start their work week revitalised. Once the worker's well-being is taken care of, the well-being of the family is more assured.

Chua Soon Pen (Reader)

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