10 outrageous baby shower gifts

SINGAPORE - If you are among top local actors Christopher Lee and Fann Wong's rarefied circles of friends and hangers-on, you could be invited to the baby shower.

In which case, you do not want to be caught red-faced showing up at the event with something as mundane as a $1,000 hongbao.

You have to give their child a present that befits her AAA status.

Short of disposable diapers woven from the silk of champagne-fed virgin worms, SundayLife! has 10 suggestions.

Get one quick, before the next brown-noser in line snaps it up before you.

1 Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Spoon, $230

Look, even if Lee and Fann were to raise their kid wearing hand-me-downs, feed their kid sweet potato porridge and send their kid to a PAP preschool, people are still going to gossip and say their child was born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth.

So why not just stick this silver spoon in the child's mouth anyway?

2 Posh pacifiers

Actually, silver-spoons-in-mouths jokes are so 19th-century.

They should be updated to diamond-encrusted white gold pacifiers - and it would be no joke.

This is sold on online shopping site Amazon for US$17,000 (S$21,570) and only four are in stock.

Such blinged-out binkies are keepsakes and not meant for actual use.

No fear, the Lees can turn to the cheaper alternative of Baby Dior pacifiers, which some websites list at up to US$100 each.

3 Fendi Milk Bottle and Holder, S$150

Of course Fann's child is going to be using the bottle. Do you think Fann's glamorous, low-cut post-maternity dresses are for the baby's convenience when he or she breastfeeds?

By the way, this item sells like hot cakes and is currently out of stock in stores here. Of course, the celebrity mum will have no trouble getting her hands on the coveted bottles.

4 BabyPing Wi-Fi Baby Video Monitor, £149.99 (S$311)

Curtailing a busy, jet-setting show business lifestyle to stay home all the time with the kids is so C-list. These are A-listers we're talking about, so a device like this could come in handy.

Fann and Lee could gaze at their little tot on their mobile phones or tablets while filming in Taiwan or China.

5 Handmade Ginza Tanaka Rocking Horse

Sure, Lee and Fann are top celebs, but their child will still not be considered a "white horse" in the army. That label is rumoured to be given to the scions of business leaders, politicians and other captains of the industry.

Top actors' kids will have to be content to own 24-karat gold rocking horses.

The handmade steed, worth 150 million yen (S$1.9 million), is literally fit for pop and real royalty.

Japanese jeweller Ginza Tanaka reportedly crafted the horse in honour of the birth of Prince Hisahito in 2006.

Word is that Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of singer Beyonce and rapper Jay Z, also has her own gold rocking horse, with a price tag of US$620,000.

6 Majestic Carriage Crib, US$11,500 (S$15,000)

Fairy-tale princesses can feel a pea under a huge pile of thick mattresses. Real show-business princesses can tell when their bedlinen does not have a 500 threadcount or if their cribs are made of plywood instead of solid cedar and birch, like this one is.

One of the lux cribs from the upscale American furniture-maker Posh Tots is also found in the nursery of Blue Ivy Carter.

7 Versace Stroller and Diaper Bag, S$6,500

Any daughter of Fann's will be strutting her stuff on the catwalk in designer threads as soon as she learns to walk. Before that, however, the tot will have to be content to sit in a logomanic designer stroller, such as this one sold in Versace stores here which comes with a diaper bag.

8 Hermes Baby Blanket, US$760 (S$960)

This blanket is actually not as extravagant and outrageously unnecessary as you may think. It may be a medical necessity for any child of Fann's.

When your mother has been drinking bird's nest soup like water for years, there is a chance that your skin is allergic to all but the most expensive fabrics.

And surely Lee and Fann would love to swaddle their precious bundle of joy in this wool and cashmere blanket that comes in Fann's favourite orange gift box.

9 Gucci Baby Carrier, £535 (S$1,130)

A baby carrier would be essential for Fann and Lee - not so much to free their hands to carry groceries or designer shopping bags (what are assistants for?), but to stylishly and photogenically shield their baby's face from intrusive cameras.

10 Poh Heng Hello Kitty Bracelet, S$550, and Hello Kitty Charms, from S$350 each

Okay, so this white gold bracelet and the kitty charms adorned with sapphire and rubies are not as exclusive.

But Lee and Fann will not want to be seen to be out of touch with the hoi polloi, you know? They still need audiences for their shows.

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