10 years since SNSD debut

It has been a decade since SNSD debuted. Over the past 10 years, the girl group has had huge success as an eight-piece, as well as individual artists.

To celebrate its milestone, it seems that SNSD is planning a busy year with group and solo projects.

Photo: SM Entertainment

One of the main vocalists of the group, Taeyeon released on Thursday a teaser video of her new track "I Got Love," hinting at her new release four months after she dropped her last single "11:11." The song will be part of her first full-length album according to her agency S.M. Entertainment.

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She has shown her capabilities as a solo singer with her chart-sweeping tracks which include drama soundtracks such as "If," "Can You Hear Me," "I" and "Rain."

Photo: SM Entertainment

The youngest of the group, Seohyun also released some solo material with her first album "Don't Say No" in January. The album showcased Seohyun's versatility as a musician, with her penning six of the seven tracks on the album.

The girls has been active in acting as well.

Photo: CJ Entertainment

Yoona starred on the recent spy action film "Confidential Assignment" which attracted more than seven million domestic cinema-goers. The next stop in her acting career is MBC's upcoming drama "The King Loves" which will also star Im Si-wan and Hong Jong-hyun.

Photo: SBS

Yuri currently stars on SBS' crime-thriller drama "Defendant" as a public defender Seo Eun-hye. The drama is leading in viewership ratings for its time slot, with a 22.2 per cent viewership for the most recent episode.

Photo: SM Entertainment

SNSD also hinted at a group release. Though details have not yet been disclosed, the members frequently talk about the group's 10 year anniversary on TV shows, indicating that they are working on something.

"I wish we (SNSD) could get the Grand Prize at the end-of-year music awards in commemoration of our 10 year anniversary," Sooyoung said on JTBC's "We Will Eat Well."