2 Golden Globes moments that broke the Internet: DiCaprio v Lady Gaga, J-Law shames reporter

PHOTO: Video screengrabs

This year's Golden Globe Awards may be over but in the Internet age, a couple of blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments caught on camera have lived on and are causing quite a storm on the world wide web.

One particular moment that seemed to have broke the Internet (watch out, Kim Kardashian) was when singer Lady Gaga was named the winner of the Best Supporting Television Actress award.

But that's not what netizens are talking about. Instead, eagle-eyed netizens spotted an interesting expression made by Leonardo DiCaprio as Gaga was making her way to accept the award.

It seems that she lightly brushed against him while on her way, but apparently that was all it took to startle him. Unable to maintain a poker face, DiCaprio jumped slightly in his seat and winced while displaying some major side-eye action as the singer walked away.

By the end of the night, the Internet ate up the encounter. It was all people could talk about and it quickly picked up steam on social media sites such as Twitter.

The actor, who won the award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, was not let off when Entertainment Tonight (ET) managed to get him to address that now-classic moment in a backstage interview.

Seeming surprised, the 41-year-old actor asked ET: "Oh lord, that's trending huh?"

"I just didn't know what was passing me - that's all!" he told ET.

Meanwhile, another caught-on-camera moment has caused more uproar than laughter online after the show ended.

Best Actress in a Comedy winner Jennifer Lawrence made headlines again, but not for tripping on her dress this time.

Instead, netizens have slammed the 25-year-old for making fun of a foreign reporter for not looking away from his phone while asking questions during a Q&A session with the Hunger Games star.

A video clip of her scolding the journalist, who spoke in accented English, has been making its rounds online.

She told him: "You can't live your whole life behind your phone, bro."

He then apologised profusely and tried to continue with his question.

But he made the mistake of referring to the awards show as 'The Oscars', to which Lawrence cut him off and said: "We're at the Golden Globes, if you'd put your phone down, you'd know that".

Lawrence, who is one of Hollywood's biggest stars, is known for her quirky style and had just recently started a discussion on gender pay inequality in Tinseltown. Many within the industry, from Julia Roberts to her frequent onscreen flame Bradley Cooper had lauded her for speaking up.

This time round, however, many netizens criticised Lawrence for being rude to the man. Some have speculated that he struggled with his questions and was looking at his phone for a translation.

Nonetheless, some reporters have spoken up for Lawrence. An MTV.com reporter wrote: "To my ears, it sounds like Lawrence was being dryly sarcastic. You can hear laughter from the room (and it seems, even the reporter)."

TV host Chris Trondsen also defended her and said he was in the press room at the time it happened.

He tweeted: "I was in the press room w/ Jennifer Lawrence. She did NOT bully that reporter. He was not reading questions off of his phone. #GoldenGlobes"

"The reporter was asking a question but either filming or taking pictures off of his phone while talking to Jennifer Lawrence."

It looks like the two biggest headlines of this year's Golden Globes were Leo and Gaga's awkward semi-exchange and J-Law's backlash.



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