22-year-old Instagram celebrity denies starting conversation with Manny Pacquiao


Trending topic yesterday? Manny Pacquiao lurking on a 22-year old's Instagram Live. Y

es, he even admitted it was really him posting comments like, "Where are you from?" and "You can call me anytime."

However, Arzaylea claims that she didn't start the conversation with Manny.


In a video posted by ABS-CBN on Twitter, Manny claims that when Arzaylea saw that he had joined the live video, she greeted him.

Arzaylea then replied to the tweet, denying that it ever happened.

She tweeted, "He came into my Instagram Live very unexpectedly. I definitely didn't engage in conversation with him first…"


If this is true, we stand by what we said yesterday, Manny should take a break from social media for the time being.