3 reasons for EXO's success

K-Pop boy band EXO performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on the night of 9 January 2016.
PHOTO: AC Music Entertainment

There is no better time to be an EXO fan than now.

The massively popular nine-piece K-pop boy band has always wowed audiences with killer dance moves, electrifying energy and wicked choreography, but their latest studio album EX'ACT looks set to finally allow them to dominate the industry.

Statistically, these boys are at the top of their game.

According to The Korea Herald, more than 660,000 copies of EX'ACT, released on June 9 and available on iTunes, were pre-ordered.

The album also chalked up an unprecedented sales figure of 450,000 copies within a mere three days of its release.

Furthermore, Monster, a dark, aggressive track and one of two lead singles EXO are promoting, achieved an impressive "all-kill" (an individual song topping all of South Korea's major music charts) almost immediately upon release, reported entertainment website allkpop.

Make no mistake, Kai, Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O. and Sehun are firing on all cylinders.

M tells you why at this juncture, EXO are turning into an omnipresent, unstoppable global force.


Most A-list Korean acts are huge on their home turf, as well as in other Asian countries like Japan, China and Thailand, but not many have managed to crack the US market.

In February, EXO held their first North American concert tour and it was a resounding success.

Mind you, they weren't filling tiny venues but stadium-sized arenas.

Fuse TV reported that in New York, EXO "almost sold out" the 18,711-capacity Prudential Center, faring much better than four fellow Korean acts combined - Girls' Generation, VIXX, Teen Top and AOA. That was the line-up for last September's K-pop convention KCON 2015, held at the same place.

It hasn't made EXO complacent though.

At the 2016 Gaon Chart K-pop Awards in February, during the group's acceptance speech for the Fan Favourite Award, Suho said that after performing in US cities such as Dallas, Los Angeles and Chicago, it hit him that "K-pop has garnered much love" outside of Korea.

"As artists who represent K-pop, we will continue to be hardworking," he said.


The powerful lead singles Monster and Lucky One from EX'ACT have shed some of EXO's idol baggage that comes with being pretty boys.

Lucky One, a groovy EDM number, especially, has been garnering solid reviews from renowned K-pop websites and vloggers.

YouTube vlogger MRJKPOP heaped praise on their "vocal execution", remarking that "EXO have never sounded better".

Billboard.com described Lucky One as "boasting a disco shimmer complete with funky guitar licks and an unexpected-but-much-welcomed flute inclusion", while allkpop gave the music videos of Monster and Lucky One high scores of 9 and 9.3 respectively out of 10.

Lay, the only remaining Chinese member after the departures of Kris, Luhan and Tao, told the Korean media at their album launch press conference in Seoul that he and his bandmates have matured over the past year.

"Through EX'ACT, we want to show our manly sides, because we've grown older," he said.


Another winning aspect of EXO is their increasing desire to forge bonds with their diehard supporters.

At the press conference in Seoul, Chen said that as part of the promotion for EX'ACT, they are showcasing "real, everyday sides" of themselves through V Live (an app that allows fans to watch personal videos of celebrities on their phones), in a special segment called EXOmentary.

For example, D.O. showed off his flair for cooking, Suho his pastry-making skills and Sehun played with his puppy.

Baekhyun told reporters: "Honestly, in the past, we've displayed our on-stage image a little too much.

"I think many fans were curious to know what we are really like as regular guys in their mid-20s.

"So this is for them."

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