3 things to know about Victoria Beckham when she travels

SINGAPORE - British style icon Victoria Beckham took the opportunity while she was in Singapore for the Singapore Fashion Week to share some travel tips at a cocktail party hosted by British Airways.

She discussed travelling the world with her family, which includes her football star hubby David Beckham and their four kids.

Here are three things you probably didn't know about Victoria Beckham, the traveller:

1. As soon as she gets on board she changes into something comfortable so she can relax and enjoy catching up on films.

On how she prepares for long-haul flights, Beckham says: "I travel a lot with my job and charity work for UNAIDs so I have my on board routine perfected.

Flying is my opportunity to disconnect and catch up on work and sleep. Once I've boarded the plane, I kick off my heels and change into something comfortable and sit back to unwind."

2. Dark sunglasses and a lot of water are her travel essentials.

3. The White Cube gallery and the V&A (Victoria & Albert) museum are among her favourite spots in London, the city she chose as the location of her flagship Mayfair boutique.

The pop singer turned fashion designer and style icon was in Singapore to show off her latest collection during the Singapore Fashion Week.

On coming to Singapore again, she said: "David and I love visiting Asia and I feel at home every time I return to Singapore.

"I always find the fashion here incredibly exciting and inspiring, and it was an honour to show my collection over the weekend."