42-year age gap between former child singer and Datuk a hot topic in Malaysia

News of the wedding between 29-year-old singer Samantha Ee Kai Chee and her 71-year-old husband, Datuk Tai Huat Chang, who is president of G.E. Mining Sdn Bhd, came with an unexpected boon.

Those who placed bets on the bride and groom's ages would have won the second prize on Toto4D, reports China Press.

The winning number for the second prize on Saturday was 2971.

China Press included a receipt containing the winning numbers in the article but did not name who the winner was.

The 42-year age-gap between the couple has become a hot topic for discussion on social media since last week.

They held a lavish ceremony at W Kuala Lumpur last Wednesday which was attended by many local artistes.

Ee was part of Four Golden Princesses, a popular local band among children in the 1990s, which disbanded in 2008.

All four members of the band were present during the reception.

Ee is rumoured to be pregnant and is expected in give birth in September.