5 shows to catch on newly launched BBC Earth

SINGAPORE: Nature and animal lovers will now have a new channel to discover more about the world's secrets and wonders.

BBC Earth, a new channel on StarHub TV Channel 407, will make its debut on Saturday (Oct 3) at 9pm.

It will feature new global documentaries about the natural world, produced by the BBC's Natural History Unit.

From the smallest creature under the microscope to the limitless expanses of space, BBC Earth will bring viewers face to face with mind-blowing ideas and the wonders of being human.

Here are some shows to catch this month:

Attenborough's Birds of Paradise

Sir David Attenborough traces the origins of mankind's obsession with birds of paradise. Sir David also uncovers teh true science behind their extraordinary lives, revealing also that the evolution of their beauty has in fact been driven by sex.

(Airing on Sunday, Oct 4 at 8.10pm)

Operation Wild

Follow vet teams around the world as they undertake groundbreaking operations to try and save the lives of wild animals.

(Airing on Monday, Oct 5 at 8.05pm)

Infested with Michael Mosley

Try to watch this without feeling our skin crawling! From disgusting tapeworms to head lice and leeches, Michael Mosley infects himself with some of the most powerful and surprising parasites to find out how an infestation takes hold and the effect it has on the human body.

(Airing on Friday, Oct 9 at 10.35pm)

Wonderful World of Blood

Mosley is back this time and he'll be playing with blood as he puts himself through some extreme challenges to discover how this sticky, red substance protects us from infection and heals us when we're wounded. The programme also explores the dark mythology around blood.

(Airing on Friday, Oct 16 at 10.30pm)

Tigers About The House

At Brisbane's Australia Zoo, one man is raising a very different family - two Sumatran tiger cubs. Now, he's taking them home and bringing them up with his own family.

(Airing on Sunday, Oct 18 at 5pm)