50 Shades star says no to her parents

If American actress Dakota Johnson had her way, her famous parents would never get to see her upcoming new movie, 50 Shades Of Grey.

"No, they won't be watching the movie - not with my permission," the 24-year-old daughter of Hollywood stars Don Johnson, 64, and Melanie Griffith, 56, tells Life! with a grin at a private function last Friday night. "Anyway, I don't think the movie is something that my parents would want to see."

In the film, adapted from E.L. James' best-selling 2011 erotic novel of the same name, she will almost certainly be seen in many compromising sex positions as its lead character, college graduate Anastasia Steele, who engages in many sexual acts involving bondage and sado- masochism with business magnate Christian Grey.

The rosy-cheeked Johnson was in town to grace a glitzy private party organised by designer fashion house Calvin Klein.

Also in attendance were her boyfriend, 28-year-old actor Jordan Masterson (and half-brother to actors Danny and Christian Masterson), as well as Hong Kong actor Louis Koo, 43, China actress Zhang Ziyi, 35, and Hong Kong singer Alex To, 52.

Dressed in a blush pink dress with a sheer skirt, Johnson looked girlish and sweet, a contrast perhaps to her recent interview with Elle magazine.

In an issue of the magazine published last month, she was quoted as saying: "The secret is I have no shame."

But she clarifies that comment to Life!, saying: "What I mean is that I'm not afraid of taking chances when it comes to my work.

"I do have some shame, thank God."

Given that there is so much hype surrounding her new movie, which is slated for release early next year, there is the possibility that she may forever be under its shadow.

Her response to this notion is a brief "No, I'm not worried".

She is a little more vocal when it comes to defending the casting of Northern Irish hunk Jamie Dornan (below) as male protagonist Christian Grey.

She says: "Ultimately, the decision that was made was great and Jamie's wonderful. I'm really excited for people to see him."

The casting of Grey's role sparked much backlash when it first went to English actor Charlie Hunnam. Many netizens and fans of the book said he was too stocky and lacked the brooding sexiness required of the character.

The actor quit the project shortly after the casting announcement, reportedly due to scheduling conflicts.

Ever since the more svelte Dornan, 31, was cast, fans appear to be more satisfied.

There was also some initial unhappiness among the fans over Johnson's casting, due to her being an unknown name at the time.

She brushes this off lightly. "Well, I don't have Twitter and Facebook so I don't really look at that kind of stuff," she says, sounding completely nonchalant.

According to media reports, the actress, who was previously seen in racing-car flick Need For Speed (2014) and romantic comedy Date And Switch (2014), had wanted the role of Steele so badly that she asked her manager to help her snag the part, despite never having read the book.

Setting the record straight, she says: "I read the book. I just wanted the role because it's an interesting subject matter and it showcases a strong woman and I appreciate that.

"I believe in the story and I believe in the books and I hope I do them justice. Everything about the movie is a bit of a secret, but people will be pleased with it. Hopefully."


This article was published on April 14 in The Straits Times.

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