5566's Tony Sun said the band members were invited to be Singapore citizens

From left: Zax Wang, Jason Hsu, Tony Sun
PHOTO: Facebook/tonytonysun

TAIPEI — Zax Wang and Tony Sun, members of veteran Taiwanese boyband 5566, went on a Taiwanese talkshow 36 Questions recently where they talked about their careers. 

Recalling the boyband’s heyday in the 2000s, Tony, 42, said they were invited to perform in Singapore's National Day’s celebrations one year.

He recalled that the wife of the then-Prime Minister asked the boyband to become Singapore citizens. However, Tony said they turned it down to several considerations and perceptions.

He also remarked that he wanted to be a police officer before he started his showbiz career. He didn’t feel like studying though, so he didn’t attend the police college.

Tony Sun (left), Jason Hsu (centre) and Zax Wang (right)
PHOTO: Facebook/5566malaysiafansclub

Speaking of his job before joining 5566, Zax, 40, said that he used to work in a mobile communication store.

At one time, he even wanted to terminate his contract with his showbiz agent so he could start a mobile phone store with the store manager.

After nine years of developing their solo careers, Tony, Zax and Jason Hsu were recently united to co-host a show together.

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Show host Sandy Wu also asked them: “If you were able to start over again, would you choose to be entertainers?”

Tony replied: “No. Why do so many people examine our lives after we entered the entertainment industry?”

He then concluded: “Once you’re in, you can’t quit. So I’ll do my best to spread positive energy and perform well until the end.“