6 K-pop acts to mark on your calendar

It is half way through July, but the Korean K-pop scene is awaiting many more K-pop stars to spice up this scorching summer.

From world star EXO's upcoming album to fledging rookie group Wanna.

One's imminent debut, here is a list of upcoming K-pop events that are worth marking on your calendar.

1. EXO

EXO's comeback is right around the corner, as the act is set to drop its fourth full-album "The War" on Tuesday.

Will the ruling K-pop boy band create another EXO craze with its new album this summer? We will see.

2. Jung Yong-hwa of CNBLUE

Jung Yong-hwa, a front man of band CNBLUE, will drop a new EP "Do Disturb," with a lead track "That Girl" on Wednesday.

Rapper Loco is featured in the song.

3. K.A.R.D

K-pop co-ed quartet K.A.R.D will debut on Wednesday with its debut EP "Hola Hola."

The group has already released three pre-debut singles, and gained a large international fan base for its flawless choreography and unique reggaeton music.

4. Akdong Musician

Sister-brother duo Akdong Musician, consisting of Lee Chan-hyuk and his sister Lee Su-hyun, will drop a new song "Dinosaur" on Thursday.

They said the new song will be completely different from their previous work.

5. Wanna One

New K-pop act Wanna One will make its much-anticipated debut on Aug. 7.

Formed during the second season of the competition show "Produce 101," Wanna One's members were handpicked by Korean voters from over 100 boy band hopefuls.

6. GFriend

K-pop darling GFriend had teased in June that it would drop a new release at the end of July.

Other K-pop acts such as Winner and Girls' Generation gearing up for activities in August.