79-year-old effortlessly switches between voicing Dragon Ball's Goku and his sons

Most people in Singapore are no strangers to Dragon Ball and its main character, Goku, having at least read the comic or watched the cartoon when growing up.

However, what some people may not know is that the voice of Goku in Japan is actually supplied by a 79-year-old actress.

Masako Nozawa, born Oct 25, 1936, began voicing Goku when the Dragon Ball cartoon started in 1986. The well known actress and voice actress has since gone on to voice Goku's sons and a few more characters in the long-lived cartoon series, the latest of which is Dragon Ball Super, now airing on Sundays in Japan.

Recently on Japanese TV, she showed off how effortlessly she switches between voicing Goku and his son.

She revealed in the interview that she does not prepare or train beforehand for the voice work.

She switches between the characters on screen effortlessly by "looking at the screen", she said. If Goku is talking in the video, then she speaks Goku's lines, when the image changes to Goten (Goku's son), she switches quickly to Goku's lines, she explained.