Is Aarif Lee dating Fan Bingbing?

31-year-old Fan Bingbing and 26-year-old Aarif Lee collaborated for the first time in the new film One Night Surprise. During the film promotion period, Fan Bingbing took great care of Aarif, which led to rumors that they're in a "elder sister-younger brother" relationship, reported TVB News World.

One is an international actress and part of 'Forbes China Celebrity 100 (2013)', while the other is a rising film actor in the Mainland market.  At an event Aarif attended recently, a reporter asked him about the rumor.

However, the reporter mistakenly referred to Fan Bingbing as "Li Bingbing", another popular Chinese actress.

When asked if he's dating Li Bingbing, Aarif immediately corrected the question: "I'm not dating Li Bingbing! I collaborated with Fan Bingbing in One Night Surprise, we are very close friends.

"The film is doing well in the Mainland box office, almost 200 million RMB. We also had a duet for the theme song. She wrote the lyrics and I composed the music, which has very profound feelings." Asked about his close friendship with her, Aarif expressed: "Our current relationship is quite enjoyable.

"She is a friend in the same industry, and she taught me a lot in acting. She's a very amazing actress... We are on the same 'key' both in acting and singing. In terms of lifestyle and views on performing, I listen to her more on acting, but she listens to me when it comes to singing."

When asked if he's dating Fan Bingbing, he appeared embarrassed and paused for a moment before saying: "I don't know, no comments." When asked if he was indirectly admitting to the relationship, he said: "No. It is not necessary for me to talk about it. I have found my state of happiness and that is something worth treasuring."

In the film, Aarif and Bingbing develop a May-December romance, but in reality, can he accept such a relationship? He said love shouldn't be framed based on norms. He respects fate and love; When love comes, he will cherish it.

When asked if Fan Bingbing is a person he cherishes, he frankly expressed: "She is a person I cherish!" Asked how long had it been since he and Fan Bingbing started dating, he laughed: "You all are thinking too much. We met last year when we collaborated."

As for whether there is a chance to develop further, he added that he does not want to comment too much because they are friends, and too much talk may make it awkward. Aarif expressed that when he goes to Beijing for work, he meets Bingbing for dinner.

He excitedly praised her: "I really admire her. Before I met her, I thought she was beautiful and after we collaborated, I admire her on many more levels. She is very hardworking, professional and down-to-earth."

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