Aaron Carter splits with girlfriend, opens up about being bisexual

PHOTO: Instagram/aaroncarter

Aaron Carter took to Twitter to open up on his sexual identity.

The '90s pop sensation revealed that he has been attracted to both girls and boys since he was 13, and that he had a relationship with a man when he was 17.

He said this was a secret that he had been keeping for "nearly half" of his life, and that it didn't "bring shame" but was a "burden."

He also wrote, "To me music has always been my temple…But the ultimate goal for me is to be satisfied. I never want to be a figure of disappointment."

While detractors aren't absent, the 29-year-old has received support online from fans and the LGBTQ community.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Carter and his girlfriend Madison Parker broke off their relationship last week.

A month before, the singer said he wanted to get married and have children with her.

Carter's rep said, "Aaron and Madison love each other and respect one another dearly. It was a mutual decision and Aaron's personal statement released speaks for itself. Now back to the music."

The pair were arrested on July 15, 2017, when Carter was caught driving under the influence. Both were charged for possession of marijuana and drug-related objects.

After being accused of drug addiction because of his skinny appearance, the "I Want Candy" singer claimed that he has had an eating disorder called hiatal hernia for the past decade.

He also claimed that he had "never touched" meth and described body-shaming comments as "the toughest thing to deal with."