Actor Elvin Ng gets tips at real roadblock

He plays a lazy cop in the hit police drama C.L.I.F., but MediaCorp actor Elvin Ng was a diligent "traffic police officer" early Sunday morning.

The 32-year-old, who will be playing a traffic police officer in the third instalment of the drama, observed real police officers manning a roadblock at New Bridge Road.

C.L.I.F. 3 is scheduled to air next April.

"I will be playing a lazy cop who will be complaining about his transfer to the traffic police," Ng revealed.

The actor managed to pick up a few useful tips during the 1½ hour-long operation at New Bridge Road.

"I am here to observe which cars they will stop, what questions they will ask.

"I also learnt to check whether they (drivers) are flushed, whether they are coherent and whether further checks have to be done," he said.

During the operation, the traffic police stopped some vehicles to check for signs that the driver had consumed alcohol.

For those whom they suspect to be over the legal limit, the officers would asked them to go through a breath analyser as they chat with the motorist.

The breath analyser will show three possible results - pass, warning or fail.

Ng admitted that roadblocks are not unfamiliar to him as he had been stopped once, long ago.

"I felt quite irritated then. I had to queue, and there was a jam. But I cooperated as much as I could," he said.

After the actor left, a 62-year-old motorcyclist was arrested at about 1am after he failed the breath analyser test.

Accompanied by a woman pillion rider who looked to be in her 30s, he told the police officer that he had two beers at Geylang at about 9pm and was about to take her to his home.

He tried to negotiate with the police to allow his friend to go with him to the police station in the police car, but they refused and helped her to flag a cab to the station.

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