Actor Justin Theroux's favourite role is being husband to Jennifer Aniston

US actor-screenwriter Justin Theroux shows up for a press conference for the second season of The Leftovers but finds himself answering questions about his wedding instead.

He talks to M about his secret Aug 5 wedding to Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, 46, whom he started dating in 2011 after co-starring in the film Wanderlust.

The nuptials, held at the couple's Bel-Air home, came as a surprise for guests such as Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Sandra Bullock, Emily Blunt, Ellen DeGeneres, Tobey Maguire and Jimmy Kimmel, who had been told that it was a party for Theroux's 44th birthday.

The Leftovers, on HBO (StarHub TV Ch 601) on Mondays at 9pm, is one of the many recent TV shows with an apocalyptic theme.

After 2 per cent of the world's population inexplicably disappears, the impact on those left behind in a small town is explored in the drama, with the focus on two families.

Theroux plays a police chief trying to cope with the chaos following The Sudden Departure in the first season.

In the second season, he quits his job and moves from New York to Austin, Texas, for a fresh start.

It's amazing how you kept the press in the dark about your wedding. How did you do it?

There was a lot of planning involved but it was exciting, especially knowing that guests thought they were attending a birthday party.

The difficulty was in wanting to tell the crew and the cast on set and wanting to keep people in the loop. So, you sort of have to put this ribbon around your mouth and not say anything.

Does it feel any different being a husband?

It feels good, it feels natural and right on time, and perfect. I don't know how to explain it. It just feels like it's a beautiful settling.

What was the most fun part of the wedding?

Every part of it was fun but the best part was to stand across from someone and say things that mean a lot and to have all your friends there in support of that. There is something very beautiful about that ritual.

Just as my mum pointed out, there are two times in life when people say really nice things about you. She said to enjoy it and I did - enormously.

She said the other time is when you are dead.

How does it feel to say the words "my wife" out loud?

It feels very touching. I was getting tired of saying fiancee, which is adorable for about six months and then you go: Okay, we've got to make some time for this.

Does being married change the way you look at yourself?

No, because I feel like I have earned it in a way. I appreciate it and I look forward to being good to her. It's a nice feeling, a settled feeling.

What is your definition of a good husband?

I think it's being kind and truthful to one another and talking it through when something else is going on.

How did it feel returning to work after your exotic honeymoon?

It's a bummer. I was having so much fun with my wife, I didn't want to go back, particularly to The Leftovers, where I'm usually being put on some kind of a rack in scenes.

I went to Bora Bora, it was great. Who wants to leave Bora Bora for Austin in the middle of summer? I love Austin but it's hotter than hell.

Why did you take your friends along on your honeymoon?

We adore our friends and we are not 22, so we wanted to share our experience with all of our friends and their children. We had a blast.

So, it was sort of a continuation of the celebration but in a more relaxed setting.

Did Jennifer advise you on how to deal with fame?

I don't think anyone has any advice for that. Everyone has their own ways of doing it.

I think the best way to tolerate it is to realise that it is a fictitious person walking around, who is sort of many levels separated from you. And the only things that really matter to me are what is happening at home and at work, to the people I love.

In The Leftovers, what's cool about playing the police officer? Would you make a good one in real life?

Absolutely not. My gun would be out all the time and I would be terrified of everything.

It's a role I really enjoy playing because it's a person of power and authority who gets to make certain moves that none of us do. But again, his job in the show is essentially a frustrating one because he can't really control the other forces that are happening to him. So, in a weird way, he is one of the most failed cops in town, the Chief of Police.

Do you ever read the scripts and think: I do what?!

There's a lot of those moments.

It's usually some physical discomfort the writer is putting me through, like making me run naked through the snow or wake up at the bottom of a pond. Just physical challenges that he puts you through and you think that is insane or that is fantastic.

This article was first published on Oct 7, 2015.
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