Actress Fan Bingbing is tops again on Forbes China celebrity list

HONG KONG - China actress Fan Bingbing has won the No. 1 spot again on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list.

She is the only show business personality to achieve the top spot in consecutive years.

Basketball star Yao Ming was the only celebrity to be ranked No. 1 six times consecutively on the pretigious list since it was launched 10 years ago. Based on income, media exposure and influence, the rankings covered celebrities in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

This year, Fan, a very popular actress, edged out Hong Kong actor Andy Lau and Taiwan singer Jay Chou to second and third positions.

Fan's busy schedule has been packed with filming for her role in upcoming X-Men: Days Of Future Days and as the Tang dynastry's woman-emperor Empress Wu Zetian in a Chinese period drama series. She was also engaged for a number of advertising deals and film festival appearances.

Here are the top 20 Chinese celebrities on the Forbes list:

1. Fan Bingbing, actress

2. Andy Lau, actor and singer

3. Jay Chou, singer and actor

4. Huang Xiaoming, actor

5. Zhang Ziyi, actress

6. Yang Mi, actress,

7. Lin Chi-ling, actress

8. Li Na, athlete

9. Nicky Wu, actor

10. Jackie Chan, actor and director

11. Eason Chan, singer and actor

12. Mayday, musical group

13. Show Lo, singer and actor

14. Wang Leehom, singer and actor

15. Zhou Xun, actress

16. Nicholas Tse, actor and singer

17. Donnie Yen, actor

18. Jimmy Lin, actor and singer

19. Hawick Lau, actor

20. Jolin Tsai, singer