Actress Julia Ziegler denies rumours she caused a scene while drunk

Actress Julia Ziegler has brushed aside talk that she was drunk in public and caused a scene while in Sydney to shoot for a TV drama.

"That is rubbish! Do not believe them," she said in response to the reports.

There had been rumours that Julia had got drunk, behaved inappropriately, and shouted in public while she was in Sydney to shoot the Silir Kasih Bella drama series last week.

Harian Metro, in a report yesterday, quoted Julia as saying that the allegations were baseless.

"Yes, I sometimes behave a little 'crazy' but not to the extent of shouting and getting drunk. I am shocked. Who came up with this rumour?" she asked.

While she was not busy shooting in Sydney, she said, she had spent most of her time with the crew members or just shopping.