Actress' prank on cameraman backfires, leaves her with fractured arm

Local actress-host Nurul Aini (first from right) fractured a bone near a left wrist on the last day of filming Suria period drama Bunga Tanjong.
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Local actress and host Nurul Aini Abdul Rahim fancies herself as an on-set prankster, earning the nickname "monkey" among her cast and crew.

But one prank backfired recently while she was shooting a new drama series.

During an attempt to prank a cameraman, Nurul, 33, fractured a bone in her arm and needed to wear a cast for a month.

"I wish I could say it was thanks to an exciting fight scene, but it's a super uncool story," Nurul told The New Paper on Monday.

The accident happened late last year in Ipoh, Perak, on the set of a Suria period drama, Bunga Tanjong.

Nurul plays cabaret girl Wan Khatijah in the production, which is slated to debut in March.

She said the cast and crew had wanted to prank the cameraman on the last day of the shoot.

"I was the one who tried to grab him, but in trying to free himself, he swatted my arm away," she said.

"He didn't even push me, but I felt like the lower part of my arm was 'hanging'. I couldn't feel anything below my wrist after that."

A few seconds later, her fingers started to feel cold and she suspected she had sprained her arm.

"I suggested going to a massage place to re-align my arm and the masseuse told me it was impossible as my arm was broken.

"That's when I cried and went to the hospital," she said.

When asked how painful the injury was, on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the most painful, she said: "Fifteen."

She added: "The doctor kept asking if I was lying about falling down. I suppose my bones are like satay sticks."

She spent four hours in the hospital and had to cancel her plans to play laser tag with her cast and crew.

She was also forced to "get creative" when showering and putting on her clothes with one hand.


Nurul, who said she is infamously known as the "monkey" on her production sets, said: "People tease me about breaking my arm at this age when others go through such accidents in their childhood.

"I regret it now; no more monkeying around."

If all goes well, she can bid goodbye to the cast today, which has been signed by the Bunga Tanjong cast and crew.

The cameraman's tongue-in-cheek message reads "maaf dipinta" (Malay for forgive me).

Last year was a busy year for Nurul, who spent several days each month across the Causeway for work.

She became a regular fixture on Channel 5 after she landed her first English-language lead role as ambitious working mother Durrani in family drama Lion Moms.

Nurul was also in several episodes of the drama Tanglin, playing the ex-wife of Hatta Said's character Wafiq.

Thanks to these roles, she has had viewers of all races approaching her and making conversation.

"When I was coming back from Ipoh, a Caucasian family said 'hello' to me," she said.

"I've had Indian and Chinese families call me Durrani and ask to take photos with me.

"This is heartening. It is a big achievement to act on Channel 5 drama series. I hope to do more."

Like her character Durrani, Nurul wants the best when it comes to both her career and family.

But this year, she hopes to spend more time with her six-year-old son Shan Ehan and four-year-old daughter Shaista Eman.

"I was so busy with projects last year that I didn't get to spend enough quality time with them," said Nurul, who married police officer Sofian Roslan in 2008.

"Each time I return from a work trip, they have grown a bit more.

"Shaista, for example, started picking up mannerisms and phrases I have never seen or heard. It makes me think, 'What else did I miss?'"

Asked if she hopes to have another child, she said: "I would love to, but my husband is concerned as I do not have much time on hand as it is.

"Perhaps I can trick him into it."

This article was first published on January 06, 2016.
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