Actresses offered lavish gifts to form 'friendships' with VIPs

Malaysian actress Yana Samsudin.

Several young and stunning local artistes revealed to Metro Ahad that they had been approached by VIPs and businessmen including a "Datuk Seri" with offers of lavish gifts to "get close".

Popular actress Yana Samsudin, 29, said she was once offered RM30,000 (S$11,610) just to have a drinking session with a Datuk Seri.

"I refused as they may have been an ulterior motive. "What if a sleeping pill was slipped into my drink?" she said, adding that the invitation was done via a third party who said the VIP wanted to keep their "friendship" a secret.

She added she had also received other offers such as a RM500,000 Range Rover and handphones from VIPs over the last four years since gaining fame, with some even asking her to be their wife.

Another was actress Mira Liyana, 21, who said she turned down lavish gifts such as jewellery, branded handbags and watches including cash from such men.

"If they are sincere, this is not the way. Where would one offer lavish gifts worth thousands or cash worth hundreds of thousands without expecting something in return?" she added.

Commenting on the issue, Malaysian Artistes Association president Datuk Freddie Fernandez said no complaints have so far been lodged by artistes facing such problems.

Although it was a personal issue, he said the association would step in to assist if they are being harassed.