Africa's Sex and the City

The camera pans across a luxury restaurant. A group of elegant, well-dressed friends sip cocktails and argue about dildos and boyfriends. It's a familiar scene for fans of classic HBO show Sex and the City. But these women are cracking jokes about how hard it is to get a vibrator into West Africa.

An African City is a glossy look at the life of NanaYaa (played by MaameYaa Boafo), a journalist recently returned from New York and four of her friends. The show's controversial combination of sex, glamour and hard truths about life in Africa has drawn attention from all over the world.

"It's a story of five African women raised abroad coming back to the continent looking for love," says Nicole Amarteifio, the creator of the web-based series. "I was watching a Sex and the City rerun," she recalls, "and I said 'I wonder what an African version would look like.'"

Amarteifio, who was born in Ghana and raised in the United States, says she went out of her way to write about people she didn't normally see on television. People like herself: young, highly educated African women who may have two, or sometimes three nationalities.

The show's characters include Harvard Business School graduate Sade (Nana Mensah), American aid worker Ngozi (Esosa E), Makena, an Oxford-educated lawyer (Ghanaian-Australian actress Marie Humbert), and entrepreneur Zainab (Maame Adjei). They're all so-called 'returnees' who've moved to the Ghanaian capital Accra after growing up abroad.

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