Aida stands by her man

Adi Putra.

MALAYSIA - The wife of actor Adi Putra is standing by her man despite allegations that he had sent lurid messages and pictures to a married woman.

BH Hip, the entertainment pullout of Berita Harian, quoted Aida Yusof as saying the matter had not caused any rift in their marriage.

"People can say whatever they want about my husband but I trust him because I actually know what took place. The controversy did not cause a problem to our marriage. In fact, I have never doubted him," she said.

Aida, who is also her husband's manager, also denied allegations Adi had tried to evade the media when the controversy came to light after a businessman lodged a police report over the matter.

Her husband had been silent about it because he did not want the police investigations to be disrupted, she said.