All Asian cast for The Bachelorette? Sign me up!

PHOTO: YouTube screengrab

Sometimes, all we need is a little representation.

The internet has been going crazy over a spoof video of US reality series 'The Bachelorette'.

Wong Fu Productions, a YouTube vlog, created a hilarious spoof of the TV show with a cast of Asian men - hunky Asian men - I might add.

Currently trending on YouTube at number 10, the video has garnered over 1.6 million views.

The 8.41-minute video starts off in The Bachelorette style of the host introducing the show and the lady-looking-for-love, Brittany, giving her enthusiastic comments about being on the show.

Then the magic happens.

One by one, the potential men are introduced to the single lady and by the third Asian guy, Brittany notices a pattern: they're all Asian.

One of the contestants, an accountant named Henry, points out that in 13 seasons of the show, there have been only three Asians ever featured. He then stereotypically does a quick percentage calculation of that - staying true to his roots of being an accountant.

When Brittany invites the men to head into the house, there's a pause at the entrance as all the men stop to remove their shoes. 

The internet saw the hilarity in all the various stereotypical situations depicted in the episode, such as the Korean who has cosmetic surgery, the only Indian is a dentist, the banker who's a heavy drinker, and the Filipino who sings. 

Meanwhile, in the real The Bachelortte season 13, the final rose to be given to the chosen man will be aired on Monday, Aug 7.

This time, the lady-in-love is an African-American, a first for The Bachelorette who have casted Caucasians in their previous seasons. If this is the baby steps to minority representation, then an all-Asian cast could eventually become a reality. The internet will certainly be happy, as some have begged for this spoof to become real. As for me, I'll be watching, but if I'm still single, I'll be signing up!

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