And the Internet explodes: Cara and Kate join forces

And the Internet explodes: Cara and Kate join forces

Miley Cyrus of fashion, meet your Madonna. Cara's been pegged as The New Kate by Kaiser Karl himself, so it was only a matter of time before some fashion house or other would try to pit the two ladies against each other.

Here's what we know so far. 40-year-old style icon Kate Moss will rub (hopefully well-moisturised) shoulders with 21-year-old enfant terrible Cara Delevingne in an upcoming fragrance campaign for Burberry. Camera-work: Courtesy of maestro Mario Testino; actual perfume name and bottle design: To be determined.

Basically, this is a full-blown British triple threat, and we're totally down for the saucy shenanigans the two bad girls - both British, mousy-haired and notorious for their hard-partying high-jinks - will get up to during their joint appearances when the campaign drops later this year.

So far, all looks to be cordial. In what must be phase one of a carefully staged publicity roll-out, the social media handlers for Burberry shared a lovely Instagram image of the two leading ladies togged out in tan trenches and sporting artfully tousled hair (loving the taupe lids and dusty pink lips, girls).

We reached out to the brilliant Burberry folks over in Singapore for more details, but alas, their lacquered lips are sealed. We did manage to pry a little extra morsel out of them - the scent is slated for a September 2014 reveal.

For now, content yourselves with this behind-the-scenes visual, and ready yourselves for an Internet implosion when the modern modelling miracle is made public come Autumn!

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