Andy Lau blows up at security guard who stopped fan from giving flowers to him

You will see why Andy Lau is hailed as a 'legend' by his throng of loyal fans.

The Hong Kong heavenly king lashed out at a security guard who tried to stop a fan from giving him flowers while he was on stage for his film premiere of 'Mission Milano'.

In a video on The Coverage, halfway through the premiere, Andy seemed to be disturbed by something. He was looking down at the stage while scowling.

It turns out that a security guard had stopped a fan from going on stage to give Andy some flowers. While most stars would be grateful to stop any crazed fans, Andy is always nice to all his fans.

He yelled at the security guard, whom he felt was being too rough to his fan, and looked livid.

Back in 2008, Lau also similarly stood up for his fan when he saw a security guard dragging him away at a concert in Chengdu, China.

He jumped two metres down off the stage to stop him. This is why fans love him.

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