Andy Lau goes home after 53 days in hospital

Andy Lau posted this photo with a Mar 10 blog entry announcing that he had been discharged.

Injured Hong Kong actor Andy Lau has finally returned home, ending a 53-day stay in the hospital after he was thrown off a horse and stomped on while filming a commercial in January.

The 55-year-old told fans the good news via his official blog on the morning of March 10.

He recalled that he had spent an entire day undergoing tests, and was listening to the doctor explain the results when he was told that he could be discharged.

"I almost jumped up to hug the doctor, it's a pity that I wasn't able to," he wrote.

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Posted with a photo of him wearing a surgical mask, Lau's entry also revealed that his recovery was on track.

He wrote: "(The) vertebral fractures and injuries to my sciatic nerve, muscles and Achilles tendon are all recovering slowly. Everything is starting to clear up!"

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Lau also urged fans not to worry, and thanked the media for giving him the space and time to rest and recover. "I can see and feel the media's support for me," he wrote.

Before signing off his message, Lau again comforted worried fans by writing: "I've read every message, every blessing and every encouragement, all of which are my remedies. Trust me! I will be able to stand up very soon!"

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Andy Lau injured while filming in Thailand

  • Despite suffering serious spinal fractures, Hong Kong actor Andy Lau insisted on keeping his injury a secret so that his wife would not worry, Hong Kong tabloid Apple Daily has reported.
  • The 55-year-old star was reportedly thrown off a horse during a filming accident in a town not far from Bangkok, Thailand early this week.
  • Upon finding out about his injuries, Lau's wife, Carol Chu, 50, immediately took a flight to Thailand to look after him.
  • According to Apple Daily, Lau was transferred to a hospital in Hong Kong via air ambulance on Jan 18, 2017.
  • Back in his hometown, reporters and paparazzi waited at the airport in hopes of catching a glimpse of the actor arriving.
  • Video footage shows the actor being wheeled out of the ambulance on a stretcher.
  • He was conscious and wore a cap and a mask.
  • Doctors interviewed by Hong Kong media speculated that Lau would have to spend at least four to six weeks recuperating.

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