Andy Lau's recuperating well, planning concert tour in China next year

PHOTO: Shaw Organisation

Oriental Daily reported that Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau's recuperation has been smooth and he would be kicking off a new concert tour in China next year.

Andy Lau injured while filming in Thailand

  • Despite suffering serious spinal fractures, Hong Kong actor Andy Lau insisted on keeping his injury a secret so that his wife would not worry, Hong Kong tabloid Apple Daily has reported.
  • The 55-year-old star was reportedly thrown off a horse during a filming accident in a town not far from Bangkok, Thailand early this week.
  • Upon finding out about his injuries, Lau's wife, Carol Chu, 50, immediately took a flight to Thailand to look after him.
  • According to Apple Daily, Lau was transferred to a hospital in Hong Kong via air ambulance on Jan 18, 2017.
  • Back in his hometown, reporters and paparazzi waited at the airport in hopes of catching a glimpse of the actor arriving.
  • Video footage shows the actor being wheeled out of the ambulance on a stretcher.
  • He was conscious and wore a cap and a mask.
  • Doctors interviewed by Hong Kong media speculated that Lau would have to spend at least four to six weeks recuperating.

The singer-actor posted the latest update on his official website last Thursday, adding that he was not in a hurry and was determined to be healthier.

He could now walk for more than 10 minutes without aid, the report added.

The 55-year-old suffered multiple fractures in his pelvis and strained tendon and muscle after falling off a horse while filming a beverage commercial in Thailand on Jan 17.

He cancelled his year-end concerts after the accident and the cancellation was rumoured to have incurred losses of more than HKD$20mil (S$3.5mil).

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