Angry fans burn K-pop singer Lai Kuan-lin's photos after comments on Hong Kong protest

PHOTO: Weibo/Lai Kuan-lin

Angry fans in Hong Kong set photos of K-pop sensation Lai Kuan-lin on fire after he openly voiced support for the Hong Kong police, reported Sin Chew Daily.

"I support the Hong Kong police, you can hit me if you want, " the former member of K-pop boyband Wanna One wrote online.

Lai, who is from Taiwan, called himself a "flag protector", referring to the incident where the Chinese national flag was taken down in Hong Kong and dumped at sea.

His comments infuriated many Hong Kongers who are in the midst of a historic protest over democratic reforms.

Fans from the city took to Instagram to post pictures of themselves burning Lai's photos.

"You will become like this if you support Hong Kong police, " a netizen wrote, referring to the burnt photos.

PHOTO: Weibo/Lai Kuan-lin

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